Smurf & Smurfette Tri

The Happy Athlete

June 29, 2021 Smurf & Smurfette Season 3 Episode 71
Smurf & Smurfette Tri
The Happy Athlete
Show Notes

Join endurance athletes Smurf & Smurfette and their special guests as they talk through all things endurance sport, whether it be training, nutrition, balance, equipment, racing and much much more!

On this week's podcast, Smurf & Smurfette talk about "The Happy Athlete". Why being a happy athlete is so important and strategies to help make this happen. This includes;

  • Making endurance sport part of your lifestyle
  • Involving friends and family
  • Nutritional balance and the 80/20 rule
  • Comparison being the thief of joy
  • Volunteering and giving back
  • Embracing the struggle and loving the process
  • Being grateful that we GET to do these things!

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Published: May. 24, 2021 @ 3AM Edit


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