Smurf & Smurfette Tri

Dead Cow Gully - Backyard Ultra

May 17, 2021 Smurf & Smurfette Season 3 Episode 63
Smurf & Smurfette Tri
Dead Cow Gully - Backyard Ultra
Show Notes

Join endurance athletes Smurf & Smurfette and their special guests as they talk through all things endurance sport, whether it be training, nutrition, balance, equipment, racing and much much more!

On this week's podcast, Smurf & Smurfette talk with Tim Walsh, creator and race director of Dead Cow Gully Backyard Ultra, and John Pearson, second place at the inaugural 2021 Dead Cow Gully with 43 loops.

We discuss the inspiration for the creation of the event, the location and course (on a working cattle farm in rural Queensland) and the highs and lows of an epic weekend. The event saw Ryan Crawford finish 44 loops, assisted to this epic 295km journey by John Pearson who pulled the pin after 43 loops. 

The family friendly event provided numerous inspirational stories that we hear about in this week's podcast.

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