Smurf & Smurfette Tri

Gold Coast Running Festival

April 20, 2021 Smurf & Smurfette Season 3 Episode 60
Smurf & Smurfette Tri
Gold Coast Running Festival
Show Notes

Join endurance athletes Smurf & Smurfette and their special guests as they talk through all things endurance sport, whether it be training, nutrition, balance, equipment, racing and much much more!

On this week's podcast, Smurf & Smurfette talk through their race recaps of this year's Gold Coast Running Festival. This included the half marathon for Smurf and the 10k for Smurfette with Baby Smurfette. 


  • Her journey from 2 weeks postpartum barely being able to walk 500m to 4 months later running a 10k
  • What her slow and safe run program looked like
  • Considerations that needed to be made in developing an appropriate program
  • The mental shift from top age group athlete to a walk/run program
  • Attacking the process and using process goals to measure success
  • Event day and running 10k with pushing the pram with Baby Smurfette
  • What's next for Smurfette


  • The last 4 months of consistent run training and what that looked like
  • Nutrition in the lead up to race day and on race day
  • Using key run sessions to prepare mentally and physically for half marathon race day
  • Race day pacing and race plan
  • Breaking 80 minutes for the half marathon and hitting a 5 minute half marathon PB
  • Transitioning from half marathon training to ultramarathon training

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