Smurf & Smurfette Tri

Your Fastest 5k

March 02, 2021 Smurf & Smurfette Season 3 Episode 56
Smurf & Smurfette Tri
Your Fastest 5k
Show Notes

Join endurance athletes Smurf & Smurfette and their special guests as they talk through all things endurance sport, whether it be training, nutrition, balance, equipment, racing and much much more!

On this week's podcast, Smurf & Smurfette talk running your fastest 5k!!

  • How Smurf has worked towards a 5k PB of 17:48 over the last 9 weeks
  • Working towards your fastest 5k - training, recovery and nutrition
  • The key sessions to maximise your 5k race time
  • How to structure your training week
  • The importance of nutrition and recovery

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